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At New England Acupuncture and Integrative Therapies we strive to bring you, our client, the best health care possible using only natural medicine.

We treat our clients as unique individuals. Consider, for example, two people with the same medical diagnosis, arthritis. Rarely would these two individuals have the exact same set of symptoms; so in our clinic they would receive different treatments tailored to their unique needs.

Our Services Include:

    • Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine: For any type of pain, infertility, weight loss, smoking cessation, acute minor illness and all chronic diseases.
    • Collagen Induction Therapy: A minimally invasive therapy using the award winning Dermapen. The procedure causes the production of elastin and collagen. We offer concierge services for a group or workplace party.
    • Permenant Makeup (Micropigmentation: Wake up beautiful and save time.
    • Tuina Massage: Combination of massage and acupressure point stimulation techniques to break adhesions and speed healing by working the muscle attachment sites and deep into muscle belly to speed healing.

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