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The First Treatment


Some people express apprehension on their first visit. Often times, apprehension is related to the unknown. Therefore, I’m going to describe a typically treatment to help relieve any anxiety that you may be experiencing.

man receiving tuina (chinese massage)The initial consultation begins with your medical history where all the systems of the body including the ‘shen’ (a Chinese term broadly defined as vitality) will be reviewed. I will also inquire about your chief complaint and associated symptoms.

While delving into the details of your state of heath and presenting symptoms, I will assess your life style, work and family life, diet, exercise and emotions to determine if they play a role in your health condition.

Next, I will formulate a Chinese medical diagnosis of your condition and develop a treatment plan that could include the acupuncture point prescription, an herbal prescription, and any additional modalities needed, such as tui-na massage, electro acupuncture, dietary therapy, vitamin therapy or any combination thereof.

The procedure

Your treatment will begin with a physical exam and conclude with an acupuncture treatment.

I use a variety of techniques to help you relax during the acupuncture treatment. Typically, 8-10, hair fine needles are inserted into precise points on the body. The lights are dimmed, relaxing music plays in the background while you lie comfortably for approximately 20 minutes.

The first visit lasts about an hour; subsequent visits last 30-40 minutes.

People leave the office feeling relaxed, energized and in many cases, much improved.

The needles are hair-fine, pre-sterilized and designed for single use. There is no concern of cross contamination between you and anyone else.

We accept many of the major insurance plans. If you have a question, call our office or your plan provider.