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Fast Jogging Is No More Beneficial Than Sitting On Your Tush


I can already hear the cheers from the people in my Keto-Adaptation group gleefully exclaim they knew exercise was hazardous to one’s health, hence their reasoning for not doing it.  After all who in their right mind wants to intentionally exert themselves to the point of sweat? It is so much more enjoyable to sit around doing nothing.

Hold on to your hats while you are jumping for joy. Exercise is still beneficial! The good news is you don’t have to over do it to reap the benefits.

The study known as the Copenhagen City Heart Study concluded that exercise is beneficial up to a point. After that, it no more healthful than being sedentary.

” First, jogging even <1 h per week or 1 time per week is associated with significant mortality risk reduction compared with sedentary nonjoggers. Second, 1 to 2.4 h of jogging per week, with a frequency of 2 to 3 times per week, at a slow or average pace is most favorable as an optimal jogging time, frequency, and speed for reducing mortality. Third, higher jogging times (≥2.5 h per week), higher frequencies (>3 times per week), and faster paces are not associated with better survival compared with sedentary nonjoggers, suggesting a U-shaped association between jogging and mortality as well as loss of benefits with higher doses of jogging.”

Now that you know you don’t have to endlessly run like mouse on a wheel to reap the benefits of exercise… get up, take a leisurely jog a few times week. Your tush will thank you for it and you might even live longer!


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