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The Hottest Beauty Trend Is Now Available To You

Posted by on Aug 30, 2017 in Permanent makeup | 0 comments

Great, you say, but what are they?

I am talking about permanent make-up for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.
Many women are not happy with their eyebrows. Busy lives can leave us women running out of the house without makeup. With permanent makeup, no time? No problem. We can wake up beautiful!

Age, genetics and health can effect the eyebrow density. Many women will experience a loss of eyebrows to some degree during their lifetime.

Hypothyroidism, for example, can cause a loss of the lateral two-thirds of the brow.
Aging can result in the loss of the medial eyebrows or lightening of the brows in general.

There are techniques available the can create a natural looking brow complete with hair strokes.

Eyeliner can enhance the lash line so the eyes stand out without the look of heavy eyeliner.

Lipliner can define the lips that have lost defininiton or a complete lipstick effect can provide full coverage.

Acupuncturists have years of training using needling techniques and have training in medical physiology that is unparalelled to anything found in a tattoo or a makeup shop.

Your healh and beauty are paramount to us.

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