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I have a question for you:

What if your carbohydrate addiction (carbohydrate addiction quiz) could vanish within weeks and your body could burning fat as fuel instead of storing it? What if I told you that chronic illness could improve, aches and pains could lessen, chronic fatigue resolve and brain fog lift? And what if I told you this can be done with a carbohydrate restricted diet? Would you be interested?”

weight loss

Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows the pounds lost don’t stay gone forever. For sustainable weight loss one needs to make permanent changes to the way they eat. Herein lies the rub. Diets are restrictive, they limit calories so you’re always hungry. Some diets make you buy unnecessary shakes, pills, and microwave meals you heat up. This becomes expensive and not practical unless you are a shut-in. Who doesn’t like a nice meal out sometimes? I know I do. Some experts even suggest you spend time in the gym “burning calories”.  Gym benefits are many but weight loss isn’t one of them for most people.

Let me introduce you to the Ketogenic way of life, a sustainable way of eating that allows you to enjoy your own cooked food and it enables you to pick from a wide variety of menu items at your favorite restaurants. Hunger and exercise are not part of this plan!

Eight Health Benefits of Ketogenic way of life, it’s more than just weight loss!

1. Effective for weight loss.

2. Reduces obesity related health risks.

3. Effective for stabilizing blood sugar.

4. Potential treatment for cancer.

5. Therapeutic effects on various neurological diseases.

6. Reduces cardiovascular disease risks.

7. Beneficial effects on respiratory function.

8. Reduces the need for medication.

* Evolving research shows the Ketogenic way of eating is a beneficial treatment in more diseases than I have listed here.

What you get with my 6 or 12 week program

  • A personalized plan – that detoxifies, breaks cravings, restores normal endocrine functions, and resets the metabolism for maximal fat burning. If you have a food sensitivity or need and elimination diet, it can be done with this plan.
  • Goal Setting- we discuss your weight loss and/or health goals and I teach you how to achieve them.
  • Weekly Accountability- our weekly time together will keep you motivated and on track.
  • Support- text or email me any time during your program with your questions.
  • You will learn that what you thought you knew about nutrition, the food pyramid (high carbohydrate, low fat diet & whole grains) is a lie designed to keep you addicted and fat!
  • Nothing additional to buy – You purchase your regular groceries.

Are you ready to lose it? Schedule your appointment today. Your skinny jeans are waiting!